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Wreaths Across America and the Bosque Museum

Morril Worcester, the owner of Worcester Wreath Company, began Wreaths Across America in 1992. He found himself with a surplus of Christmas wreaths and remembered a childhood visit to Arlington National Cemetary. He reflected on how his god fortune could be attributed to the heroes that now rest eternally. He placed the extra wreaths on graves, and thus began the nationwide effort to remember, honor, and teach future generations what these men and women sacrificed to protect our country.

This year, we are supporting Wreaths Across America, and the more than 2,000 registered cemeteries, which includes Clifton's three cemeteries. For each wreath purchased, Bosque Museum receives a portion of the proceeds. Wreaths are $17.00 each. To purchase wreaths, go to the Bosque Museum Wreaths Across America page and click the donate button. You can also drop off a check or cash donation at the museum. Checks must be made out to Wreaths Across America.


Interested in starting a Wreaths Across America site at a different Bosque County Cemetery? Contact Kathy, Clifton Cemetery Coordinator at kmzharr (at) gmail (dot) com. 


Volunteers will also be needed on December 16th to place wreaths. This will be a great opportunity for friends and family to gather while remembering, honoring, and teaching others. Register to become a volunteer today by clicking the link and then selecting the red 'Volunteer' button. 

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