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Video Histories

The Bosque Museum has teamed up with independent filmaker,

Will Godby to record lectures held at the museum.  Other interesting projects related to Bosque County history will be featured on this page.

Charles Turner Interview

Charles Turner of Speegleville grew into a first-rate combat pilot with the Allied forces battling in the Burma campaign of World War II, which stretched from Southeast Asia to India.  

Video Histories by William Godby of Digiworks for the Bosque Museum.

Segesser II Paintings by Jeff Hengesbaugh, March 6, 2015

Jeff Hengesbaugh has a passion for history and in particular the Spanish experience in the American West. His lecture discusses the effects of Spanish defeats and conflicts with the French upon Spanish expansion in the American West. These events would forever change the territory boundaries of the future states of Texas and New Mexico.


Through the years Mr. Hengesbaugh has been featured in multiple print articles in publications such as Newsweek, Scouting Magazine, and the Chicago Tribune. He has appeared in a Mountain Man documentary for German National Television and has appeared with Charelton Heston on the American Sportsman television series. He has been interviewed multiple times on the Today Show and the Buddy Hackett Show. He currently serves as a Research Associate for the Palace of Governors, History Museum, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Shot and edited by Will Godby.

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