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Bosque Museum Docents/Auxiliary

Docents at J. J. Frambes’ Home April, 2016

Left to Right  Back Row:  Cindy McAfee, Linda McDowell, Rose Ann Grissett, Carla Sigler, Gwen McLarty, Wanda Hodge, Nancy Haenisch, Sue Megarity  Middle Row:  Nelda Ramsey, Judy Askew, Shirley Dahl, Yvonne Trotter, Virginia Neelley, Mimi Wright, Mary Orbeck, J. J. Frambes, Front Row (seated): 

Linda Thomas, Ann Wiland, and Dee Sharp

The Docents consist of 30+ volunteers who promote the interest of and knowledge about the museum and to


The Docents provide service to both the museum and the community in the following ways:

  • Providing leadership for special projects/exhibits and fund-raisers;

  • Guiding tours;

  • Helping students appreciate the history, people, traditions, archaeology, plants and animal inhabitants, art, and natural beauty of Bosque County—helping them to connect to the past, present, and the future as they gain knowledge about themselves and the world in which they live;

  • Serving as a host/hostess for special events;

  • Providing refreshments for special events;

  • Assisting with special events;

  • Helping plan for special exhibits;

  • Promoting the museum by spreading news of events as well as by personally attending events; and

  • Contributing by using personal talents to bring in new ideas, find contributors, and enrich the role of the Docents.


Specific duties include hosting museum events, guiding tours, decorating the museum for special events, providing refreshments for special events, providing publicity as needed, providing leadership for special projects and fundraisers, and assisting the museum staff, as requested.


Docents are important assets for the museum.  They are encouraged 

1) to think of ways to promote the museum through exhibits, lectures, programs, etc.;

2) to listen to comments and suggestions from visitors and from the community, and bring ideas to the meetings;

3) to always be watchful for opportunities to spread the news of museum events; and

4) to personally invite people to attend and/or join the museum.




Note:  If you are interested in serving as a docent for the museum, please contact Erin Shields at

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