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Museum Welcomes Intern, Rebekah Yi

Rebekah Yi is a 22-year old graduate of Baylor University who has started as a new intern here at the Bosque Museum! Born in Austin, Texas, she and her family moved around more than most during her childhood- including a four-year stent in Davenport, Iowa where her father completed his Doctorate in Chiropractic, but mostly, they moved around to different towns within the Houston area. She grew up in a Christian household with two older brothers and a younger sister and developed a love of history from a young age, taking home the school history textbooks to read them overnight only to replace them the next morning; always striving to find out more about the ancient past.

It was Egyptology and both fiction and nonfiction books on the topic which introduced her to the possibility of becoming an archaeologist. Soon, she was on a path to continue her family’s Baylor legacy and attend the school of her dreams. It was there at Baylor where she met and married her now, husband, “Sam” Lingyun Yi who came to the states from China to attend Baylor’s Electrical Engineering program and a few months after graduating began working in the Waco area as an Electrical Engineer at Texas Machine Tool International. Rebekah continued her education for a semester and part of a summer after their marriage (on December 18, 2016), and graduated in August of this year with a double major in Anthropology and Asian Studies and a minor in Chinese, including having been to China twice in her college career as well as attending a month-long archaeological dig to complete her Anthropology degree.

She is now enjoying a happy marriage and is excited about what the next several years will bring. She and her husband live in Waco, TX and plan on being around for the next few years. She feels both blessed and excited about the opportunity the museum has given her to begin her career in museums and is looking forward to continuing her work for us here and occasional digs abroad over the summers to continue her passion for archaeology. Come on by to meet her in person some time, she loves meeting and getting to know new people!

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