Historic County Books: Now Digitized

Bosque County Information Online

The Bosque Museum submitted 12 historical books to the UNT digital site, Portals of Texas History; they are now digitized and online. Many of these books cover historical happenings, events, and people of Bosque County.

Look for these books online with Bosque County: Land and People and the Clifton Record:

  • The First Chapter of Norwegian Immigration

  • Bosque Primer

  • Methodists in the Meridian Area

  • Meridian College

  • From Pomerania to America

  • History of Education in Bosque County, Texas

  • Juana

  • Norwegian Settlements in Bosque County

  • Lost and Found: Three Months with the Wild Indians

  • The Old Mill

  • History of Texas and Texans, Vol. I and Vol. V.



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