2022 Online Art Auction

“Time Well Spent on Neils Creek” is for sale by auction benefiting the Bosque Museum, Clifton Texas.

The opportunity to bid on this painting is now open and will close at 5:00 p.m. on February 2, 2022.  "Time Well Spent on Neils Creek" is oil on canvas and measures 24" x36". 


In early 2021 a generous donor commissioned a work of art for the Museum that would reflect on the County’s unique history.  Tyler Crow, a member of the prestigious Cowboy Artist of America, was commissioned and he chose the very important presence of the Neils Creek waterway.


Neils Creek rises in southwestern Bosque County four miles southeast of Cranfills Gap where the North and Middle forks of Neils Creek converge and run nearly the length of the county east for 24½ miles to its mouth on the North Bosque River, four miles northwest of Valley Mills. In addition to the two converging forks, a third tributary, the South Fork of Neils Creek, joins the main stream a mile east of its origin. George B. Erath named the watercourse for either Neil McLennan or Claiborne Neil, both of whom likely participated in an 1837 expedition that Erath led across the region. Neils Creek became a focus of population growth between 1854 and 1856 with the arrival of settlers who obtained land along the waterway and in the stream valley. At that time, tall cedars lined the creek bed, and herds of deer and antelope fed on the valley's high grass.


Time Well Spent on Neils Creek, by Tyler Crow. Now on display at the Bosque Museum.

Crow Signature.jpg

The artist, Tyler Crow's signature on "Time Well Spent on Neils Creek".

The artist, Tyler Crow, grew up between the farmland and foothills of Apache, Oklahoma. At a young age, he discovered his calling in art and developed his unique style. Cowboy culture and western heritage were etched in Tyler’s youth, and he has committed his artistic career to preserving the western way of life and the contemporary cowboys who live it every day. In 2016, at the age of 27, Tyler became the youngest artist to ever be inducted into the prestigious Cowboy Artists of America, where he has already received awards and accolades.